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Rants and Wisdom



In Rants and Wisdom

By lthomas

What’s wrong with this picture.1?

On 13, May 2013 | In Rants and Wisdom | By lthomas

When I travel, which I like to believe is frequently, I continue to observe the built world around me. Maybe as an architect I never take off the ‘architect’s’ hat and am always looking, observing and questioning what I see in my environment.

However, this is not always an easy place to be. Frequently I see things that are just WRONG. I am so amused and befuddled by these visual train wrecks that I just have to stop and take a quick photo. Typically it is the exterior of a building or home that is screaming out to me for help, but staying in hotels I see my share of highly questionable interiors.

Are architects, designers and visual “creatives” the only ones who see these things, I wonder? Follow the scenario below concerning the interiors of an upscale ski village hotel where I recently stayed. The building had a reasonable floor plan within an attractive form that reflected the local vernacular of stone, timber and steep metal roofs. Yet–


Essay-Wrong 7Hmmmmm, Sure would be nice if you could actually see the fireplace from where you sit or lay in bed.







Essay-Wrong 3

Ouch! Another hmmmm. How was that piece of artwork going to work there, again?







Essay-Wrong 2

What is going on between this sconce and the artwork?  Perhaps an argument over who was there first?











Essay-Wrong 1aWow, just what happened here?  Alas, perhaps I am the only one to stand at the elevator and stare at this wall and visual disaster zone.  I always hope not, because I would like to think that we are all made better by beautiful surroundings.









What this illustrates to me is the desperate need for coordination between the architect, electrical engineer and interior designer. Perhaps if more owners would provide an allowance for this oversight and coordination we would see less of this.  I certainly hope so.