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In From the Architect's Desk

By lthomas

What’s Under Construction.1

On 17, Jun 2013 | In From the Architect's Desk | By lthomas

Over the years I have searched for a venue or way to showcase what’s under construction.  Frequently, my projects are most interesting, visually, during this phase.  Not only can you see the structure –the skeleton of the new space — but you can also begin to understand the design and construction process better.

I love the sequence of building a home. The solid ground is excavated and concrete arrives for a foundation and crawl space or basement.  The first floor “deck” is placed on the foundation wall, wood or steel beams arrive on site, the exterior walls go up with openings for windows and doors, the interior partitions are framed, the upper level deck goes on and the roof trusses arrive.  Before you know it, what was open is enclosed and a space is created.  The exterior sheathing and masonry create walls into which windows and doors are inserted. The roof framing is covered and the interior work begins in earnest while the construction of exterior details continues. Even as I write this, I can almost hear the buzz of the saws and the crack and bang of the air hammers.

Since I truly believe that we can learn by seeing, here are current examples of projects under construction.  Check back often—I will do my best to post new images on a regular basis.

Foundation and first floor deck on.  Exterior walls framing to second floor level.

Foundation and first floor deck on. Exterior wall framing to second floor level complete.










Roof framing and structural beams.  Sheathing begins.

Roof framing and structural beams installation in progress. Exterior sheathing begins.










Wall and Roof sheathing in place.  Exterior framing complete.

Wall and roof sheathing in place. Main exterior framing complete. Porch framing begins.










Interior Framing for rafter tails.

Interior Framing with rafter tails.









Windows and Doors installed.  Trim and exterior details begin.

Windows and doors installed.  House and roof underlayemnt/wrap on. Trim and exterior detail begin.










Exterior cedar shake finish installed.  Trim and architectural details continue.

Exterior cedar shakes installed. Trim and architectural details continue.