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In From the Architect's Desk

By lthomas

We can do that!

On 03, Oct 2016 | In From the Architect's Desk | By lthomas

To many homeowners hiring an architect is an all or nothing proposition.

Maybe they fear rumors of high cost or perhaps stories about architects who demand control from day one and hang on with their fingertips until the built vision is complete. Maybe some do, but I do not work that way. I am one of those architects who realizes that one size does not fit all when it comes to architectural services. Once again, perhaps it is because I am seasoned, and have learned much through more than three decades as a practicing professional. Whatever the reason, I know the best architectural services come in several sizes.




If you’re interested in an architect but in small bites, you need a QUICK DESIGN CONSULT. Maybe you need a professional’s eyes on a troublesome area of your home or outdoor space. Or you’re trying to figure out if what you think is a big deal is—or is not. That might just take a one-hour design consultation. I’ll come over and we will walk around and talk about ideas. No worries, I have seen it all, I raised two boys and I will like your cats and dogs.


The Appetizer + Salad Combo


When you’re ready for a slightly more in-depth study of possibilities without signing on for complete Architectural Documents, or are not ready to commit but really, really want to understand what options might exist or what they could look like, you need a CONCEPT DESIGN/DESIGN MASTERPLAN. That can be accomplished in 2-3 days. I will take your existing condition drawings and photos and come back to you with thoughtful and realistic ideas that can work.


These design master plans are up for discussion. While there is a scheme A and a scheme B, we will break them apart, a la carte, as perhaps the best solution is parts from each. Then you have a comprehensive design master plan. No, you do not have to begin right now, or do it all. But it is an investment towards starting in the best possible direction.


The Chef’s Special


Do you have a concept design plan or are you working with a builder? Then a DESIGN DEVELOPMENT/BUILDER PERMIT SET may be all you want. In this type of service we develop the concept design into a limited set of digital building drawings. The exterior and major components are worked out, floor plans, cross sections and exterior elevations studied and drawn. Enough information and materials are noted for your builder to obtain most neighborhood approvals and, typically, a construction permit.


So, what’s not here you may ask? The structural details to be provided by your builder and the interior architecture, which includes the kitchen and baths, the built-ins, fireplace surrounds, stairway newel posts and lighting layout. The downside? You and your builder are still going to need to make lots of decisions and that takes time. The upside? If you are a builder, or are already working with one, you get a project professionally designed by an architect at a lower cost by taking on more of the work and responsibility yourself.


The Five-Course Meal


If you want the entire architectural offering, through to cheese, dessert and coffee, of course we do that, too. You can read about all those details here, “How your Architect Works”,

We can do that!



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