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Rants and Wisdom



In Rants and Wisdom

By lthomas


On 02, Mar 2018 | In Rants and Wisdom | By lthomas

Wow, how time has flown. Two years ago I wrote about the Winter Solstice and approaching the new year. And somehow that time has come and gone, and here we are in 2018. What happened to 2017? Let’s review.

When we ushered out 2016 I could not have been done with it soon enough. The ugliness and hate of that political season wore me out. When I began my social media presence on Twitter I vowed to myself that there would be NO political rants. For the most part I have kept my word, but God knows that has been hard. Stay positive, I say.

Has it been any easier in 2017? No.

‘Nuff said.

Actually last year was a disaster. One hot mess. Last year disappeared on a ski slope in early February never to return again.

Life can be like that. I heard recently that “scars are tattoos with better stories.” When I’m ready to reflect on 2017’s personal and physical challenges I certainly will have a great story.

In 2017 I watched as the AIA seemed to find its footing again. Some may recall that shortly after the presidential election the national AIA made comments many members found inappropriate. In the midst of the furor, I took some time to think about this professional organization and on reflection I decided it was not for me. In 2017 I came to my own terms with the AIA and am pleased to see it speaking out about more of the issues that resound with me. Good. Maybe I’ll give it another chance some day.

So we soldier on and focus on the good.

A new year brings new opportunities for me to grow personally and professionally. I’m constantly adapting to the ever-changing nature of technology in an architectural business. This year I also want to focus on reducing stress and enjoying more happiness and good health.

Outside of work I’m grateful for the recovery and happiness of one son who is currently engaged and has almost finished his Global MBA program at Johns Hopkins University. Karma is certainly at work there as we spent a good bit of his childhood at the Johns Hopkins Hospital Children’s Center. In 2017 and early 2018 he underwent still more surgeries at Johns Hopkins. He is my hero. My other wonderful son and my daughter-in-law are now in London, which is happily a darn sight closer than their previous home in Hong Kong. And I’m always grateful for my spouse who has worked with me as my business partner for 21 years and my life partner for almost 36.

This year, 2018, marks the 31st anniversary of my firm. Wow. The ‘Big Three-Oh + One.’ I was planning a big celebration for my 30th, but that was another casualty of the ski trip debacle. However 31 is an amazing plus one!

There are many things I’ll be happy to leave behind in 2017, but I know I am blessed. Celebrating 31 years is a great way to start fresh in 2018.  Begin again!


*Feature image:Tomas Saraceno, Entangled Orbits, Baltimore Museum of Art

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