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Heritage Heritage Heritage Heritage Heritage

On 08, Jan 2021 | In | By lthomas


This family was ready to build a gathering “Camp” nestled on a ridge overlooking the mountains just outside Lake Placid. Read more…

Revisit Revisit Revisit Revisit Revisit Revisit

By lthomas

On 27, Jan 2020 | In | By lthomas


It is not uncommon after so many years in business that I am asked to return to a house I previously renovated by the home’s new owners.

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Vista Vista Vista Vista Vista Vista

On 15, Nov 2017 | In | By lthomas


The oldest part of this home in the Western Run Valley harkens back to 1807. It had two major additions, one in the 1950s the other in 2007.

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Sanctuary Sanctuary Sanctuary Sanctuary Sanctuary Sanctuary

By lthomas

On 24, Oct 2016 | In | By lthomas


A beautiful older home in a distinguished historic neighborhood has many lovely qualities, but a kitchen with room for seating, a mudroom or a modern master bath are all unlikely.

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Cozy Cozy Cozy Cozy Cozy

By lthomas

On 06, Jul 2016 | In | By lthomas


The owner of this lovely north Baltimore home loved the site, views and the yard, but was frustrated with the home’s chopped up spaces and lack of natural light, particularly in the kitchen.

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Finesse Finesse Finesse Finesse Finesse Finesse

By lthomas

On 28, Apr 2016 | In | By lthomas


This beautiful historical house, originally built in the 1920s, desperately needed to be brought into the new century and current decade without losing the charm and finesse of its original details.Finesse-Stair

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History History History History History History

By lthomas

On 17, Nov 2014 | In | By lthomas


Sometimes a setback is actually an opportunity.

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Respite Respite Respite Respite Respite Respite

On 24, Jun 2013 | In | By joshthomas


The kitchen has become the hub of family life, yet too often homeowners face the same reality as this client – a beautiful, historic home with an obsolete, cramped kitchen built for the needs of a bygone era.

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Warmth Warmth Warmth Warmth Warmth Warmth

On 17, Oct 2012 | In | By joshthomas



In this project, a sequence of spaces unfolded over the course of many years, fulfilling the client’s long-range master plan.

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Tower Tower Tower Tower Tower Tower

By joshthomas

On 26, Sep 2012 | In | By joshthomas


Our population is living longer. With that comes a need to recreate homes so the residents can age in place, which is exactly what these clients were hoping to do when they asked for a three level elevator and wheelchair accessible deck to be added to their home. This is a historic home with many complex rooflines located on a steep site; there was a concern that the elevator addition could disrupt the look of the home if not handled properly.

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