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“I have had the pleasure of working with Laura Thomas on a number of projects. She brings creative ideas and the highest professionalism to all of her interactions, both behind the scenes and with clients. And on top of that, she is a delightful person!”

Katherine Crosby, Jenkins Baer Associates, 2020


“Our house is unusual, a cross between contemporary and tree house. The challenge for Laura was to help our guests identify where the front door is! Laura was up to the challenge and solved all our problems, We now have a wonderful front with beautiful doors, a roof over the front portion of the house and a clear path that leads to it. She saw our style and heard our needs immediately. Her first drawing was perfect! Laura is very thoughtful, responsive and available to answer questions. She is a pleasure to work with.”

Linda Rosenthal, 2019


“I always enjoy working with Laura Thomas and Melville Thomas Architects. Laura is a spot on professional, talented, creative, organized and a fun collaborator.”

Jay Christopher, Rackl-Christopher Associates, 2019


“Laura is the consummate professional. Her work, particularly with historic homes, is fresh and interesting, while respectful of the original architecture. She is fun and energetic to work with. Laura’s attention to design and detail makes for a crafted and seamless solution.”

Jane Barton, Realtor, 2019


“The Monkton house is beautiful. We will miss it and tears will be shed when we hand over the keys. Thanks for your vision that made our home in MD so beautiful.”

Cathy and Glen Evans, 2019


“Laura and her team were extremely easy to work with. She listened to our needs and translated our vision into reality. Her attention to detail was excellent and everything was delivered on-time, as promised. We are extremely happy with her work and hope to work with her again.”

Jeff and Jo Helman,  2016


“Excellent experience with Laura. She worked our small kitchen/breakfast room space into an open space with two eating spaces, a mudroom and beautiful layout. She also came up with an idea to open up a wall to our living room that improved the flow of our house immensely. Laura was a pleasure to work with on our project. We would do it again and again.”

Sybil Mead and Dan Leraris, 2016


“The house is stunning. Above and beyond our expectations! Every detail is amazingly beautiful. I can’t figure out what is my favorite. Thank you for your incredible drawings, I love love my house.”

Katherine Gaines, 2016

“Laura, Wow. You made me cry. The trees look familiar and the sentiment oh so familiar.[ ] We both loved how you LISTENED to us and did NOT force YOUR vision on us. But, helped us find ours. We couldn’t find that joyful feeling off a canned computer model! We will love going to this house for years to come. I look forward to you and Andy coming down to see the finished product.

Joanne Regan, 2016


“Fantastic. So creative. Original.Crisp.  Thanks for a wonderful effort!”

Frank (Jack) Palmer, Caves Valley Golf Club, Whiting Turner Construction, 2014


“We are ecstatic. We feel incredibly fortunate to live in such a beautiful space.”

Arielle Goldman, 2014


“I can not thank you enough for your work, I think this house is now amazing.”

Debbie Finnerty, 2014


“Laura Thomas of Melville Thomas is one of those architects that I love to partner with.  Both she and her staff are responsive, team-oriented and detailed which makes the entire project run smoothly!  Laura’s detailed drawings are a reflection of her creative solutions, giving the homeowner the clearest possible picture of the remodeling plans.  Her open and honest communication style and her willingness to remain part of the team throughout the entire renovation process always result in extremely satisfied clients.”

Daren Bowen, Legacy Restorations, 2014


“First of all, Thank you! The house is unbelievably beautiful! Every little detail catches your eye from each beautiful room to another.The talent and the hard work that went into this is remarkable. Promise us to come down and see it soon. It just doesn’t seem complete without you seeing the end result, the Masterpiece. You will be amazed and proud!  Thank you again and again!

Liz Moag, 2013


“We have used Laura several times and we are currently involved with her on a small project today–we have used her 3-4 times over the past 10 years.  She is a very detailed, professional and responsive individual.  We are very happy with her ideas and execution.  Laura is strongly recommended.”

John Wakeman, 2002-2012


“Laura and her firm were fantastic partners during our initial planned remodeling and later new construction. Super creative on design but also VERY hands-on and practical in selecting great construction partners (contractors, landscaping, interior, etc.).”

Eilif Serck-Hanssen, 2010


“When Laura and her team presented us with their first set of drawings we were struck by their vision. She had creative ideas about how to most effectively use the new space, while also melding it with the existing space so that one cannot differentiate where the old ends and the new begins. Their attention to detail in crafting construction drawings made the entire construction process far simpler, less painful and likely less costly.”

Scott Bloomberg, 2009