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On 15, Nov 2017 | In | By lthomas


The oldest part of this home in the Western Run Valley harkens back to 1807. It had two major additions, one in the 1950s the other in 2007.

The 1950s addition had low ceilings and floor lines incompatible with the historic home along with an outdated, small, dark kitchen and a tiny screen porch.


The new homeowners wanted to keep the historic home and its recent master bedroom addition, but demolish the nonfunctional 50s addition. In its place, a new, bright and open addition was built to include a kitchen, laundry, pantry, and family room, as well as a mudroom, spacious garage and garage entry.  The smokehouse and icehouse original to the property were, respectively, relocated and ever-so-carefully built around.

Perhaps the two most inviting spaces are “connectors.” A new porch spans both the old and new parts of the home, taking in the expansive southern farm views. Inside, a new open and light-filled stair connects the addition to the historic home.