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Tower Tower Tower Tower Tower Tower

By joshthomas

On 26, Sep 2012 | In | By joshthomas


Our population is living longer. With that comes a need to recreate homes so the residents can age in place, which is exactly what these clients were hoping to do when they asked for a three level elevator and wheelchair accessible deck to be added to their home. This is a historic home with many complex rooflines located on a steep site; there was a concern that the elevator addition could disrupt the look of the home if not handled properly.


The elevator was added as a tower to a composition of new construction adjacent to the existing kitchen. This disturbs the integrity of the original house as little as possible, and creates a more useful transition area for the client.  The elevator connects to the house at each level via glassy vestibules and to the kitchen level with a light-filled sunroom and breakfast room.  The tower’s details and roofline are sympathetic to those of the existing house. The siding and stone blend seamlessly into the character and aesthetic of the home and neighborhood, ensuring the owners years of functional and attractive living.