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By joshthomas

On 16, Sep 2012 | In | By joshthomas


This client had a rare gem: an open lot in the historic Baltimore neighborhood of Guilford. The buildable area, however, was not without challenges.

Many studies were required to fit a 3,500 square-foot home with attached garage on the site, and have it be proportional to the surrounding homes and met the specific requirements of the city and the neighborhood for setbacks. In addition, the neighborhood association has many strict requirements concerning allowable materials for construction. Homes must be built of masonry, stucco or wood with roofs of slate or copper. Decorative components are wood or wrought iron.

The garage was placed at the rear of the home, which limited the already complex siting but met a mandate that the garage door not face the street. Now, the driveway sweeps up to the garage bays and an attractive, private courtyard is created in the space at the rear of the garage.

The house itself is designed of smaller forms strategically arranged beneath a steep roof common to traditional Guilford homes. A terraced entry path sets the home above the street and makes for a gracious entry sequence.The client is able to enjoy close proximity to the city, the charm of a historic neighborhood and all the amenities of new construction.