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Revisit Revisit Revisit Revisit Revisit Revisit

By lthomas

On 27, Jan 2020 | In | By lthomas


It is not uncommon after so many years in business that I am asked to return to a house I previously renovated by the home’s new owners.

While the new owners appreciated the house enough to buy it, the spaces within now have new needs to fill. Such was the case with this home situated in an historic neighborhood.


The first and most challenging modification required was to insert a three-stop residential elevator within the footprint of the historic stone, stucco and slate roof structure – and have it pass the neighborhood’s historic review design board.

A new mudroom entry created a gracious side foyer and elevator vestibule while saving a single car garage and charging station for the owner’s electric car. Modifying the existing stairs with new curved treads allowed lower level access to the elevator while a new “dormer” created the structural space required on the upper level for the elevator using an architectural element sensitive to the home’s original design. Mimicking closed “shutters” solved the design issue of existing windows impacted by the new elevator shaft.

Other modifications included opening the two-foot thick stonewall between the kitchen and family room and new master dressing and bath areas. A particularly unique addition is the built-in “Jeffersonian” bed, a personal touch for the owner’s son’s room.