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Distinction Distinction Distinction Distinction Distinction Distinction

By joshthomas

On 09, Sep 2012 | In | By joshthomas


This project exemplifies balance. The design found a perfect synergy between today’s contemporary lifestyle (a large kitchen and family room and first floor master suite) and the “traditional Maryland home” requested by the client. The program was ambitious: construct a large main house, three-car garage, and a private two-bedroom guesthouse that could also function as a pool house and entertaining space.

The most important balancing act was between the requirements of the program and the creation of a house that was proportional to the land.  The design is broken into several small pieces constructed under individual pitched roofs. The new construction features traditional details – Pennsylvania fieldstone and bays with copper roofs, for example – yet the interior is classically modern, exchanging a central hall for an open foyer with a view through to the expansive terrace. The home spills gracefully down a sequence of terraces and steps to maximize the property’s hillside vantage point and views in all directions.