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Beacon Beacon Beacon Beacon Beacon Beacon

By joshthomas

On 25, Jun 2013 | In | By joshthomas


These clients had recently purchased a house one short block from the beach, but the existing home did little to fulfill their vision. Theirs was a small, older home that had been quickly overshadowed by newer neighboring properties.  Happily for us, our client wished for a home not just designed for the square footage needed for a family gathering, but with detail, character and identity–both inside and out.


Beacon Tower ThumbnailOur client proposed an idea of a new split level home, which inspired the resulting multi-level design. The structure is linked together with a tall, beacon-like tower.Beacon tower night2



This central feature captures light, exhausts warm air and clearly identifies this home day and night as unique amongst its neighbors. The house is detailed with roof “rafter tails” and areas of historical copper roof, further evoking a traditional summer home.Moag-Elevation crop2


Follow the construction sequence that Beacon door stair1got it here at “What’s under construction.1” .