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In Rants and Wisdom

By lthomas

Between the Winter Solstice and the New Year

On 31, Dec 2015 | In Rants and Wisdom | By lthomas

Recently we passed the Winter Solstice. It is a day that I relish. I feel renewed. Days will get longer and I feel a promise of good things to come with the longer sunlight.

We are also approaching the New Year. A traditional time of reflection, so it seems. I too look forward to this new year. The year now ending, 2015, has been a good year—mostly because I am coming out of a few really tough years. And because, just as the the sun begins its longer days in my sky, I begin to to take a deep breath, acknowledge the past, and look with gratitude at the future and the promise of some peace, good health…maybe even prosperity.

Sometimes I look back on the past four years of challenges in my life. Whew. Coming out of the tough recession in 2012. The death of a beloved parent. The serious life and health challenges of a grown son that a parent cannot “fix,” as much as the mom in me cries out to do so. Recognizing that one must let our children be adults, responsible for their own successes, mistakes and fixes. Hoping that they discover their own paths and passions and creativity.

Indeed, sometimes the challenges of business and motherhood are scarily similar. They don’t end when your children are grown or when your business has passed the three decade-plus mark. New challenges always present themselves. But one is perhaps less tolerant of life’s transitions and the whimsical nature of what we want versus what reality gives us. Patience is required. I remind myself regularly that even at my age, it is progress that matters, not perfection. Being a parent OR running an office is not for the weak of heart. You are RESPONSIBLE. So, I work on my gratitude lists for family and profession.

This holiday season I was able to send a card including my new daughter-in-law. I now have a new Korean family, both on another side of the globe in Hong Kong, where my son and daughter-in-law live, and in Seattle, where her large and close knit family lives. They bring another lovely culture full of rich Korean traditions to my own European family of immigrants. My new Seattle family and I both “tolerate” the distance to Hong Kong and our beloved children so far away.

I am so grateful to have my new daughter-in-law. And hopeful that she and my son will soon not live 13 time zones away where today is tomorrow. I am grateful for the much better health of my younger son and that my spouse still loves me enough to work with me through the tough spots.

I remain ever grateful for my career and talented colleagues and employees, and a profession that allows me to draw for a living. With colored pencils, markers and paint. How cool is that? And that both my sons and my daughter-in-law speak passionately about their own careers and their interests and passions and world events. They work, they cook, and swim and run and make me smile. I guess all that effort and education paid off. They are wonderful, happy, balanced people that I am lucky to have in my life.

I am blessed.

A winter solstice. A new year. A good place in time.