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Laura Thomas Studio

Latest Essays

Essays and posts from Laura Thomas, Principal and President of Melville Thomas Architects.

You can do it! vs. Permission to say no!

5th December 2017 by lthomas

I have been disappointed with myself recently. No one else seems to feel this way, but I feel it nonetheless.

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31st October 2017 by lthomas

On a recent Friday in the late afternoon there was a knock at my home’s door. Dusk was approaching. My inclination to avoid those unknown to me kicked in. I dislike opening the door when I’m alone. A LOT. I have a deep and well-earned suspicion of being conned, assaulted even. Read more…

The “EX-Fix”

10th May 2017 by lthomas

I’ve been meaning to write this essay for a long time. Time, as it turns out, is part of the story. As is patience and an architect’s newfound personal awareness of disability accommodation—or lack there of.

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