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Laura Thomas Studio

Latest Essays

Essays and posts from Laura Thomas, Principal and President of Melville Thomas Architects.

The Importance of Drawing

11th April 2017 by lthomas

Much of the practice of architecture has moved from the drawing board to the computer screen as technological tools replace pencils and tracing paper. However, sketching is an integral part of my work process.

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The Year of Architectural Understanding

4th April 2017 by lthomas

Occasionally in my work as an architect I need to research something. Be it an architectural style, an obscure term for an historic detail (joggles!), or even another architect’s solution to a sticky design conundrum, I head to my office library.

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My Client, the Customer.

27th March 2017 by lthomas

As Architects, we spend a lot of time talking and writing about design, ideas, strategies, materials, proportions and values. Indeed, I have covered many of these topics, as have many of my colleagues on the web.

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