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Laura Thomas Studio

Latest Essays

Essays and posts from Laura Thomas, Principal and President of Melville Thomas Architects.

Happy Space

14th February 2018 by lthomas

Recently I was contacted by a prospective client who wanted to discuss a proposed, new beach house project. Then she said, “I’m not a beach person.”


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The Good House Philosophy

14th February 2018 by lthomas

It’s hard to believe, but I’ve been writing these essays for several years now. When I look back over the archive, I realize that I consistently return to a singular topic that could be boiled down to one question: What makes a good house?

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27th December 2017 by lthomas

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about why the profession of architecture is losing so many young people and why so few are getting registered as Architects, particularly women. I’m not alone in my wonder; Rosa ShengSteve Mouson and Susan Shannon have all written on this with great insight.

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