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Laura Thomas Studio

Latest Essays

Essays and posts from Laura Thomas, Principal and President of Melville Thomas Architects.

Where I sketch.

9th January 2017 by lthomas

So—-where do you sketch, Laura?

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The Big Three-Oh

21st December 2016 by lthomas

Last year I wrote about the Winter Solstice and approaching the new year. And again it is time for that period of reflection about 2016 and looking into 2017.

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Starting something new, again

15th December 2016 by lthomas

I have been suffering from “Imposter Syndrome.” You know, the feeling/fear when you are convinced that you don’t know what you are doing and at ANY MOMENT you will be found out for the imposter, the rookie, the beginner that you are sure, deep down inside, that you are.

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